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What Our Customers Are Saying:

“Miller’s has now become ‘our’ mechanic. After years of price checking around, every time something was wrong with one of our vehicles, we found out Miller’s always had the best price, was reasonable and fair, did not mark up their prices over the parts shop, etc. We no longer feel the need to check up on them. They’ve proven themselves to us. We’ve had a variety of repairs done and have always been completely satisfied. They have the best price and work around and are trustworthy (and how often can you not feel screwed over by a mechanic?).”

- Anonymous customer

“I am absolutely thrilled with the level of service we received at your service center! We have lived here for 4 years, and after taking our cars to over 5 different repair centers, we were convinced we’d never find an honest, professional repair center that was reasonably priced. After a friend highly recommended Miller’s, we gave them a try and are so glad we did!”

- Anonymous customer

“From the first phone call to picking our car up, we were impressed. It’s so nice to have a personable, kind voice on the other end and a clear description of the price and problem. The car runs like a dream, and we can’t wait to recommend others to Miller’s Auto Body!”

- Anonymous customer

“We will most definitely go to you for everything from oil changes to large repairs. Thank you for valuing professionalism and honest pricing!”

- Anonymous customer

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“Miller’s is always our first choice when we need work on our cars. Their prices are fair, and they are extremely honest. If something doesn’t need to be done, they don’t do it. We trust them implicitly when they work on our cars and would recommend them to everyone!"

- Amy

“Miller’s definitely has the best prices that can’t be beat! And even better, they are honest! I’d pay more for service for honest people, but I’ve found a place that has the lowest prices and honest people! You can’t beat that!"

- Anonymous customer

“This is a great place to get work done on your car. They are honest and reasonably priced. They are usually nearly half what other places in the area charge. They do a great job, too!”

- Anonymous customer

“Great people, great service, great shop. I suggest taking all your auto needs to Miller’s!"

- Kyle

TIPS For Your Vehicle

Oil & Lube Services:

Help your engine run better by keeping it lubricated with regular oil changes. You should change the oil filter according to your vehicle’s specific maintenance schedule. When needed, we’ll also lube your auto’s chassis! You can also trust us to flush and refill your cooling system based on your vehicle's maintenance schedule. With our transmission flush, we’ll also replace your automatic or manual transmission fluid with top-quality fluid.

Battery & Belts:

When you’re having issues with your vehicle starting, come to our family-owned shop. Get a computerized battery starting and charging test to find out if your existing battery is functioning properly. If possible, we’ll fix your existing battery. If it’s time for a new battery, you can get a more durable one that fits your specific vehicle. We also offer great belt replacements! Find high-quality, long-lasting belts that provide you with hassle-free driving for years!

Clean your fuel injection system:

Use our fuel injection cleaning services to make sure your whole fuel system and air intake system are pristine. You’ll benefit from our cleanings that extend the life of your engine and stop rough idling and engine knocking. Your engine’s overall power and performance will also be enhanced, and you’ll enjoy improved acceleration speed!

Scheduled tire rotations:

Keep your tires in top condition with routine rotations, which are usually recommended every 6,000 miles. We can also inspect your tires and let you know if you need new tires or wheel alignment or balancing services!

Enhance your vehicle with tune-ups:

Tune-ups are vital to keep all vehicles performing at their best. Visit us for tune-ups, and let us check spark plugs, distributor caps, points, rotors, and condensers for proper performance and wear. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your vehicle’s components are on par and won’t be overdue for replacement.

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